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3DMark06 1.2.0 1901 Advanced Edition 2010
Updated version of the most popular, visually advanced and respected test your computer's performance in 3D-applications (ie in games) - 3DMark 2006. The new version includes improved Shader Model 2 tests, new CPU tests and HDR Shader Model test 3. 3DMark - a set of tests to check the video computer. Oriented for testing video cards and test your computer's performance when working with modern 3D-applications, primarily - in the games. Test results show the future that awaits you and your video card in the near future. The fact that 3D-graphics technology applied in this test will be used in the near future in the most advanced computer games. Performance tested in conditions closest to reality, that is to gaming. In general, for those wishing to put their system to its knees.

3DMark06 is a PC benchmark suite designed to test the DirectX9 performance of your graphics card.

A 3DMark score is an overall measure of your system's 3D gaming capabilities, based on comprehensive real-time 3D graphics and processor tests. By comparing your score with those submitted by millions of other gamers you can see how your gaming rig performs, making it easier to choose the most effective upgrades or finding other ways to optimize your system.

3DMark06 has been downloaded more than any other 3D benchmark and the ORB database now contains over 8.5 million 3DMark06 benchmark scores from around the world.

3DMark is an essential tool for every PC gamer, hardware enthusiast or component manufacturer in the industry.

System requirements:
* Multi-core Intel ® or AMD ® compatible processor 2.0GHz or higher
* DirectX ® 9 compatible graphics adapter with Pixel Shader 3.0 support or later,
and graphics memory of 512MB *
* 2GB of system RAM or more
* 1.5GB of free hard disk space
7 * Windows ®, Windows ® XP or Windows Vista ™ 32 or 64bit operating system with
latest Service Packs and updates installed
* DirectX ® 9.0c December 2005 or later
* Visual C + + 2005 Redist
* Microsoft Excel ® 2003/XP or later for some 3DMark functionality
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later for some 3DMark functionality
* Microsoft DirectX 9.0c (December 2005) System Development Kit is required to
run the image quality test using the reference rasterizer.

CRC32: 67DAF52E
MD5: 0B25CDBE429E9D24BD8A2D934CB6E1C8
SHA-1: 2E4A52D5B0F7CAEBD7B4407DFA9E258AC623B5DD

Release year: 2010
Homepage: http://www.futuremark.com/
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Language: English
Activation / Crack / Serial / etc: present


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